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I have wondered lately why I have so few reads on my writings here on Medium. It could be that my writings need more work, but I read things that are not perfect all the time. So today, I decided to just go to the tags I follow and see…

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Chapter 7 — Family

“Have a seat, we have a lot of information to go over” Dr. Heaton said with a halfhearted smile.

All of us sat down but the tension in the room was thick. I was trying to read the doctor’s face because his body-language…

Chapters 5 and 6

Lemony by JusTee

Chapter 5 — Charles and Emily

Charles and Emily were coming from Tennessee today. The last time Scott was with his parents was two years ago. We didn’t have a lot of money, and neither did they, so their move was last time we saw them…

Chapters 3 & 4

Lemony by JusTee

Previous chapters here.

Chapter 3 — Mardi

I finally got a copy of the ME report, and it said Scott was driving northbound on I-25 and taking Exit 204. At the light, Scott was hit on the driver’s side, and lost control of the car. He…

Chapters 1 & 2

Dream by JusTee

Chapter 1 — The Accident

I woke up at 6:15 am and I realized I had never set my alarm. Scott had already left for work, and I had 30 minutes to shower and leave. …


I am just continuing my education of knowing nothing.

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