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Image taken by JusTee

Lately, I am often confused and angry about this “life.” There are just too many steps backward anymore. I feel tossed aside, and maybe other people do too. When is enough — enough?

As truth and lies become hidden — the ability to make choices wisely loses existence. Our minds are creative and have no problem creating possibilities for us to believe. The mind’s creative network is fast to give us possibilities to the facts we are missing. If we do not get the answers fast enough — a NEW truth can be born, and it becomes one of the…

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My husband was diagnosed with a complicated case of diverticulitis in the latter part of May. It’s a condition I wouldn’t wish on anyone, and a condition I had never heard of. We are now over a month, and two surgeries into this condition.

For the record, day one started with my husband having pain below his belly button, and feeling maybe constipated or full of gas. Then the pain moved and to the right. I rushed him to the ER thinking maybe he had appendicitis. I was surprised when the doctor told us about diverticulitis, and that they were…

Image created by JusTee

Original image by JusTee


I am just continuing my education of knowing nothing.

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