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I recently responded to a tweet by Scott Morefield. Before responding to the tweet, I had never heard of Scott before, but for some reason his tweet made me respond about information I had regarding a COVID outbreak in a workplace. While his tweet had a political motivation to it…

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Four eyes

Two noses

Equals a job done right…

Until morning,

And the headache,

Laminates the mistakes…

From last night.

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The smell of death consumed the January morning. Not the metallic smell of human blood, but the sweet surrender of hope and dreams as life sleeps. Humans believe the slumber of nature is the source of their winter blues, but it’s really knowing that each year ends and begins sadder…

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It’s 2022, and this year I have decided to try journaling my thoughts and ideas, starting with the first day of the year. I thought about this idea weeks or months into previous years, so here goes everything! Day one was not a huge success- I simply created a simple…

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I have wondered lately why I have so few reads on my writings here on Medium. It could be that my writings need more work, but I read things that are not perfect all the time. So today, I decided to just go to the tags I follow and see…

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Previous chapters here:

Chapter 7 — Family

“Have a seat, we have a lot of information to go over” Dr. Heaton said with a halfhearted smile.

All of us sat down but the tension in the room was thick. I was trying to read the doctor’s face because his body-language…

Chapters 5 and 6

Lemony by JusTee

Chapter 5 — Charles and Emily

Charles and Emily were coming from Tennessee today. The last time Scott was with his parents was two years ago. We didn’t have a lot of money, and neither did they, so their move was last time we saw them…

Chapters 3 & 4

Lemony by JusTee

Previous chapters here.

Chapter 3 — Mardi

I finally got a copy of the ME report, and it said Scott was driving northbound on I-25 and taking Exit 204. At the light, Scott was hit on the driver’s side, and lost control of the car. He…


I am just continuing my education of knowing nothing.

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