Lost on Medium

2 min readNov 26, 2021
Image created by JusTee

I have wondered lately why I have so few reads on my writings here on Medium. It could be that my writings need more work, but I read things that are not perfect all the time. So today, I decided to just go to the tags I follow and see what more people are doing. I am searching and reading on my iPad for what it is worth.

First I went to Fiction. Then I went to Humor. I read one writing in Fiction, and none in humor. I read so little because I was not impressed with the title or pictures for the selection I was given. On fiction, it showed there was well over 100 stories available, but only 15–20 were available for me to see. Same with humor. You can dial it down with 3 options: latest, trending and best, but it didn’t change my number of choices, and it greatly limited the writers I could read. Medium was controlling my available options. This is only intensifying a very sad reality.

I have been on Medium for years. Medium has changed a lot, and not for the better when you are not a well-established writer. Medium was special once upon a time — because it gave amateur writers a chance to share and learn with others. Now, it’s a place to get lost in the noise of Medium’s choosing. It’s hard to imagine leaving, but there have finally been enough changes making it too hard to stay.

Oh, and the people I follow, if I do not search their names specifically- I never see anything they write. So, the point of following anyone or anything on Medium is????

Nothing!! Exactly! Because both the writers and the readers get lost.


One day at a time- but learning as I go. Read and write to expand my thoughts.