The Fool

Oct 20, 2021
The Fool by JusTee

I am not guilted of tragedies by others,
Even though I am not numb-
I understand the struggle,
Of what was lost and won…

And I am not young,
With ignorance brimming wide-
But I am clueless,
And that I do not hide…

I am not the fool,
Though my intelligence grows-
And I am paying attention,
Even if no one cares to know…

I have lost,
More than ever this year-
But gained perspective,
With more hope and less cheer.

Yes, and I can see. . .
The blindness in their eyes-
And how deaf,
They were to my cries…

All the while I may stay here,
Even when they are gone…
I do accept,
Their choice and being wrong.




One day at a time- but learning as I go. Read and write to expand my thoughts.